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Altogether now...your telephony and IT infrastructure; Unified Communications

Are your telecoms and IT expensive necessary evils…or could they be important tools to make your business efficient and productive?

You may have heard this type of statement before and wondered just how these so called tools can increase a business’s productivity and efficiency. The answer lies in Unified Communications, or UC for short. UC is the approach that integrates IT with your telephone system. Staff can engage in more tailored and personalised conversations with customers making them feel valued and possibly resulting in future repeat business.

To put this into context, when a call comes into a business that is using UC, the caller ID can  stimulate retrieval of the information about the customer’s account status from the company’s CRM database and this can be displayed on the screen before the staff member even answers the call. The customer has the feel good factor that comes with being addressed by name when the call is answered and not having to go through the laborious process of giving over to the operator all their account details.

All the benefits of modern UC communications can be found with a Swyx telephone system as well as many more benefits from use of a modern pure IP platform that integrates with the IT network. Perhaps the most significant of these for business expansion is that of the multi-site connectivity. Every staff member can use the rich presence aspect of the Swyx telephone to see the real time status of all colleagues regardless of their physical location. A staff member can chose to select the most efficient line of communication with colleagues from calling their extension if they shown as available or calling their mobile if they are showing as away from their desk or even using instant messaging or email if they are shown to be a meeting. Communication internally is swift and efficient and all the inter-site call traffic is free with the use of an inter-site IT link. The result is a true sense of efficient and seamless contact within your business and between you and your customers.