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Reliable, Cheaper, Faster VoIP Solution

Hosted VoIP SolutionsRing 24’s cloud call telephony solution will change the way you communicate.

Our cloud call offers a feature rich, affordable and scalable solution for all your telephony needs. Hosted in the cloud, the need for complex onsite equipment is removed and your telephony system becomes hassle free and easy to manage with great call quality and scalability.


Why choose our cloud call solution?

Connect every user and every site

  • Give every user having an at desk experience, connecting all users and sites to one system for more productive working whether they are on the world.

Increase customer image

  • Experience great call quality and feature rich functionality enabling faster response times and offering superb customer image.

Future proof telephony system

  • Access the latest features as they become available for a cost effective and future proofing.

Mobile workforce

  • Remove the need for fixed handsets and mobilize your workforce with apps available for smartphones, tablets and laptops for sales staff that are on the road.

Easily and quickly make changes

  • Perform instant changes with a friendly, easy to use system, by making changes with a web based portal or one of our friendly engineers.

Scalable and flexible system

  • Keep your telephony flexible with a cost effective solution that grows with your business. Simply add extensions as your staff force gets larger.

Work through any disaster

  • Mitigate disaster with apps for smartphones and tablets or simply use your handsets at an alternative office location. Simply plug your office phone into a internet connection or sign into your app on your mobile device and you can call from your office anywhere in the world.

Cloud configured system and handsets

  • Handsets arrive ready to use for simple deployment and are easy to redeploy as your business requires.

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Cloud Call Location

Ring 24’s cloud call telephony solution is hosted inside the United Kingdom, unlike a lot of other hosted telephony provides. This means that it is supported by expert engineers inside the UK.



Hosted VoIP Solutions


Connecting Multiple Locations

With Ring 24’s cloud call telephony solution you will have the ability to connect multiple business sites together, so internal calls between offices are absolutely free.



Hosted VoIP Solutions


No Expensive On-Site Hardware

With Ring 24’s cloud call telephony solution there is no need for expensive on-site hardware like a traditional telephony server or PBX.



Video Demonstration

Feel free to watch the video demonstration that will highlight the easy of which this telephony solution can be installed into your business.

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