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Mobile Phones

Everyone’s need for a mobile phone is different, but most businesses acknowledge that they have become an important business tool for employees that are not tied to a desk location.

The exact requirements of an individual business will vary, and Ring24 is has years of experience in analyzing the core needs of a company for its mobile phone use and then deciphering the most cost effective networks, tariff options, and indeed the phone itself.

Businesses are well advised to make the decision about mobile phones in conjunction with the decisions to implement a telephone system and the corresponding channels to external networks.

The reason for this is that IP based telephone systems will offer some degree of integration to the mobile phone from the user applications.

The Swyx system has arguably the best example of this by offering a client application which can be loaded to the mobile phone so that the phone can be used as the office extension, even showing the status of other extensions on the system and allowing to calls to other internal users by dialing the extension or clicking on a busy lamp field!

With all this in mind, Ring24 is best placed to offer advice in the choice of mobile devices and corresponding networks and how best to link the mobile phones to the PBX for most cost effective functionality.