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Business Telephony Platforms


Here at Ring24 we offer a range of telephone systems to fulfill your business needs from businesses that need 10 phones or less to businesses that need over 1000. It is our aim to help improve the communication efficiency and reduce costs by implementing a communication platform that is tailored for your business needs.

The Swyx System

The Swyx portfolio provides the complete unified communication platform whilst recognising that voice remains the most important communication service.

Unified Communications with SwyxWare:

  • Complete telephony system functionality
  • Voicemail for every user
  • Presence information
  • Integration in Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes
  • Conference function
  • Instant Messaging
  • Intelligent call management
  • (ACD, Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Interactive voice response systems (IVR)
  • Contact center functions
  • Fax at every workstation
  • Application Sharing
  • Integration of mobile phones
  • (FMC, Fixed Mobile Convergence)
  • Support of open standards, such as
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

The SwyxWare server software forms the core of the unified communications system and can be installed on a PC with Microsoft® Windows operating system. New features and standards can easily be upgraded by software updates; new functions can simply be added without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

Swyx provides a level of functionality for telephony services and network integration to the desk which are second to none. The user applications increase the speed of the user to such an extent that workers relying on their telephony speed for their productivity will find they are entering a new age of efficiency. The power of the Swyx telephony engine has to be seen to be believed and many of Ring 24 customers have said that the product has changed the scope and functionality of their business for ever.

In summary Swyx offers unique advantages for your company:

  • Availability – The unique extended call routing functionality in Swyx will provide your business with up to 100% availability to your customers, directing calls efficiency to the correct person or group within your organisation, helping you maintain very strong customer relations
  • Collaboration – Numerous features in Swyx such as conference, presence information, desktop sharing and video calling can enable your employees to be goal orientated, efficient team players and will increase your company performance as well as your competitiveness
  • Increased Productivity – Swyx is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution which can unify all the different types of communication media, from fax and email to video, all of which can be managed via the user’s PC or laptop. This unique aspect of Swyx has shown to increase the satisfaction and thus productivity of employees. Swyx can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM)  programs with ease and efficiency so that your customer management via call control can be seamless and effortless
  • Integration in Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes
  • Mobility – Your employees will always be part of your company’s day to day functionality no matter where they are as Swyx allows remote access to the core telephony with ease with your employees options to use arrange of devices to connect
  • Cost Reduction – Swyx gives your business the best platform from which to manage your business communication costs from dramatically reducing call costs by taking full advantage of VoIP technologies both internally, between sites, and externally as well as providing intelligent features that optimise resource planning. Managing users of the system in terms of moves, additions, and changing locations of users is supremely efficient and can be controlled by simple addition of software licences that can be easily managed by an existing IT administrator
  • High Investment Security – Swyx will grow with your business and at a pace that suits you. The Swyx solution can be upgraded by licence every year to ensure your business is at the cutting edge of telephony at minimal cost. Gone will be the days of purchasing expensive, manufacturer-specific hardware, you can pay as you grow without the worry of typical PBX hardware restrictions

CISCO Systems

The CISCO UC500 product range includes the UC520, UC540 and the UC560  Telephone Systems. These have been developed by this worldwide recognised manufacturer to provide the SMB market with an IP based platform at cost effective prices. In fact Ring24 is able to offer its customers a 36 months interest free option on this product, making cutting edge IP technology truly affordable.

The CISCO UC500 series are affordable unified communications appliances that provide combined voice communication and data connectivity. Additional features incorporated into the UC500 series are voicemail, automated attendant, video, security, and wireless. The UC500 Series can also integrate with existing desktop applications such as calendar, email, and CRM applications. This easy-to-use solution supports up to 32 users on the UC540 and up to 104 users on the UC560. Both systems provide flexible deployment options based on your needs, supporting a wide array of IP phones, public switched telephone network (PSTN) interfaces, and Internet connectivity.

Samsung Systems

The Samsung product ranges are hybrid solutions combining analogue, digital and IP technologies.

Samsung’s OfficeServ range of communication servers has been designed to build sophisticated telephony applications within a secure data-communications infrastructure. OfficeServ 7000 series has a comprehensive range of features and functionality and offers an effective, affordable solution for any organisation. The OfficeServ 7000 comes in five variants, from the entry level 7030 to the 7100, 7200, 7400 and the 7070. The systems can be configured to accommodate 4 to 480 extensions at a single site and combined to link 1,000 sites. Systems use common interface modules and can utilise the same software applications and terminals. All of the OfficeServ systems in the range have voice messaging capability, including large capacity recording, the ability to connect your voice message to e-mail and send to your inbox.

Nortel Avaya Systems

The Nortel telephony product ranges are hybrid solutions combining analogue, digital and IP technologies. For example the Nortel Business Communications Manager provides advanced capabilities such as robust telephony features, voice messaging, unified messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centres with skills-based routing, and IP telephony.

The Nortel Business Communication Manager offers voice telephony and converged voice/data services in a traditional format, as purely IP or a mix of the two. This is all provided in one small box.