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Secure Cloud StorageOnline Storage Solution

Ring 24’s online storage is a very simple and powerful online backup solution. You have the ability to choose which folders you want to backup, and then the online storage solution will upload your files to the cloud and protect the contents of those folders with military grade encryption. It keeps a mirrored copy of your files securely online so that you can retrieve them at any time if they are lost or damaged.  Tell Me More>



Hosted PBX VoIPHosted Telephony Solution

Our cloud call offers a feature rich, affordable and scalable solution for all your telephony needs. Hosted in the cloud, the need for complex onsite equipment is removed and your telephony system becomes hassle free and easy to manage with great call quality and scalability.  Tell Me More>



Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration is our flexible and innovative access anywhere product, that lets you access your files wherever you go, and see the same files on all of your PCs. It is storage space on our servers that can be used to keep files synchronized across multiple locations worldwide, or to simply store files online without keeping a copy on your local machine.  Tell Me More>



Secure Cloud Storage

How Secure Are Cloud Solutions?

Data stored on your Ring 24 cloud account is held on multiple storage servers at our data centres in the UK ensuring your data is fully protected, using military grade, AES-256 encryption. Our network is protected by enterprise grade firewalls ensuring that once your data is on our servers only the people you want to access your data can. Tell Me More>


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