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Multi-Site Connectivity (MPLS)

The VoIP and SIP technologies, inherent to our Swyx and CISCO UC500 products allow for extremely efficient connectivity between sites for any business. Advisors from Ring24 are highly trained to design and install the most cost effective and reliable ways of connection multiple sites of a business.

These days even smaller businesses that are looking to expand to new sites are seeing the benefits of installing fixed circuits, or another type of internet connectivity, between sites so that calls between sites can be routed using VoIP over these circuits. In essence calls between sites then become internal calls within the VoIP telephone system, and are then free of charge.

A typical scenario will allow free call traffic between sites and the ability for all sites to see the status of other users. This can be achieved in several different ways; a business may opt to install one main PBX at the head office and run remote satellite extensions at other sites, or alternatively with the Swyx system, Ring24 are able to connect two sites running two distinct PBX’s so that they work seamlessly as one, with employees from anywhere in the organisation able to log on as their extension at any location.

This supreme power of the Swyx telephony engine is why the product is increasingly the first choice for multinational organisations.