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Allow For A Flexible Workforce

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Ring 24 specializes in helping businesses to accommodate the needs of a flexible workforce, and this is achieved by ensuring that the right advice about a complete telephony solution is given to a client right from the outset.

In reality there is no reason in a modern working environment why a business cannot expect to get the maximum from its workforce even with the constraints of bad weather and unreliable transport restricting employee’s ability to work from one single location.

The ever changing needs of a modern family can present challenges to an employer in terms of how to best keep staff productive but also motivated.

Our IP telephone products that use VoIP technology, namely Swyx, CISCO UC500 and Ring 24’s Cloud Call can easily facilitate a business to be flexible in this way by easily allowing workers to log onto the core telephony system via an internet connection.

Wherever they may be in the world and then have the benefit of appearing to the outside world that they are working from within the your office.

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