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Call Recording Solutions For Both Inbound And Outbound Calls

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The growth in the telecommunications industry over the last decade has led to an explosion in the amount of business negotiated over the phone, often with exposure to financial or sensitive information.

This is why it’s imperative that your business stays protected with PCI and legal compliant call recording solution from Ring 24. Also having an added benefit that allows you to train and monitor staff, provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and ultimately have an archived record of phone calls should there ever be any customer or legal disputes.

Benefits of call recording

  • Listen to all sales calls and establish why some leads are successful and others fail to convert
  • Ensure your staff are consistently promoting the company message
  • See where staff are falling short and offer invaluable training
  • Monitor your staff and ensure your customer service is where you want it to be
  • Protect your brand should customer or legal disputes ever arise
  • Have a record of what was said and when at instant retrieval
  • Protect your staff against abusive customers
  • Comply with important regulations i.e. FSA and PCI DSS compliance
  • Pass on vital information such as meeting arrangements or emergency services

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