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Plan For A Disaster To Maintain Your Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery SolutionsReduce the risk of downtime

How well and for how long would your business perform if your telephone system went down? If the answer to that question is unthinkable then maybe you need to be considering a disaster recovery strategy.

Ring 24 provide a wide range of scenarios to cover the aspect of disaster recovery. We can work with you to design and implement the best scenario for your business’ requirements.

Should you choose to take advantage of one of Ring 24’s tailor-made hosting options for your business telephony, your telephone system will always reside in a separate location from your business and so will never be subject any disasters that could happen on your premises.

During any down time, our highly trained engineers can immediately reprogram your system to route calls to a new location or even simply play comfort messages to callers while you get on with sorting out your situation.

Alternatively you could choose to opt for a Ring 24 soft-phone solution where efficient recovery from down time at any site is worked into the system itself.

A major tried and tested feature of the software based Swyx solution paves the way for your business to get back on its feet quickly following any down time by allowing for a straight forward backup to be restored to a new platform in a new location within a very short time frame.

This is only possible as the software can be loaded onto a new windows server very quickly and efficiently and configuration backup restored to it, without the need to order manufacturer hardware and the time wasted in reconfiguration.

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